4 Reasons Why The JustGo App Is Just What You Need

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The construction industry has been experiencing a sharp uptick in demand, what with the many restrictions being steadily lifted as of recently. While this brings forth a host of new opportunities, there will also be a fair share of challenges to be encountered. Fortunately, with new challenges comes the onset of new solutions.

If you’re a business owner who is finding yourself in need of tipper truck service, lorry crane and trailer or are urgently seeking a way to rent a truck and driver here in Singapore, look no further than the JustGo app.

The JustGo mobile app is an all-encompassing truck booking platform that allows you to access it at anywhere and anytime, making it super convenient for you. When the simplest things like ordering food or calling a cab can be done at the click of a button, why should we compromise on the proficiency of online truck booking?

There are numerous reasons you should be looking into the future of on-demand tipper truck solutions with the JustGo mobile app. Here are just some of them:

1) Unparalleled Efficiency

In an industry that is tumultuous and vibrant, efficiency is of the essence. JustGo’s comprehensive tracking and exporting system ensures unprecedented organisation. No more having to deal with endless paperwork and admin on your end. Tracking your job history and transaction is as easy as can be.

2) Ease of Use

With the app, you can avoid red tape and jumping through hoops to accomplish what you need to very quickly. The app allows you to create supervisor roles for users. They will be taking on the role of creating jobs and interacting with the drivers. You can then take a break while the supervisors ensure that the jobs are performed to the utmost effectiveness on your behalf. JustGo’s user-friendly interface ensures that utilising this app is simple enough for anyone to do – regardless of how tech-savvy you are. Should you require, we also have a comprehensive guide on using the app for your perusal.

3) Ready-made Connections

Once you complete the simple task of posting a job, just sit back and relax as JustGo connects you to a company that can provide you with a steady stream of tipper truck drivers. You are now able to connect with companies that better align with your needs.

4) Tailored-made For You

As a busy working professional in Singapore, your day is probably packed to the brim with important meetings and other crucial tasks. It is paramount that you save time and energy whenever you can. JustGo offers you the opportunity to offer jobs based on your own budget and task type. Whether you need tipper truck drivers for the day, OU, or trip works, JustGo makes it clear to the other parties from the get-go. Thorny negotiations and miscommunications are now issues of the past.


JustGo is an app that is pioneering ease of communications between tipper truck drivers and you, the service requester. The services provided ensure convenience, competence, and connectivity at an unprecedented level.

Download our app today and watch your business thrive.