Introducing JustGo’s New app feature: Recommended Pricing

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Introducing JustGo’s New app feature: Recommended Pricing

The JustGo Merchant app was created with one goal in mind: to facilitate connection. If you’re a construction company finding yourselves in urgent need of tipper truck services, this app has just what you need. Book the services you need or hire tipper trucks for construction jobs with our comprehensive and convenient online truck booking platform. Just craft and publish your job postings on our app whenever you need to, provide the necessary information, and watch as we connect you to tipper truck service, lorry crane and trailer providers specifically tailored to your needs and budget.

However, JustGo is constantly striving towards improvement and providing an optimised user experience. In that pursuit, JustGo has announced the incorporation of Recommended Pricing as a brand-new app feature on our merchant app.

Previous Issues

In order for progress to occur, it is vital to acknowledge blind spots and any potential past hindrances in the app’s smooth functioning. The main issue we found was the lack of knowledge on the appropriate pricing from merchants. Users tended to be unable to tell what price to offer in exchange for the tipper truck services, which resulted in the job postings not being accepted within the given time frame.

This affected the convenience and reliability of the app as a whole.

Recommended Pricing

Recommended Pricing is the solution to this particular limitation. Under pricing details, the app will then tabulate the pricing suggestion for you based on the information you input. You will then have the option to directly apply that number to the price you want to insert or for you to manually input the number based on the suggestion.

This price will be firmly rooted in your company’s best interests. The recommended price will be economically priced for tipper truck services from the most trusted and reliable suppliers. You do not have to worry about getting over-charged for the services you require. Nor would you need to lose sleep over paying an unrealistic amount of money in exchange for inadequate services. We want you to get your job done On Budget, and On time.

Your Workflow

In the construction business, convenience and efficiency are crucial. That’s why we’ve worked to ensure our features are as easy to use as possible. Users will only need to go to the pricing details page and click apply suggested price. Doing so will allow them to save valuable time that would have been spent deliberating over what to input. Get your job done in a pinch with the JustGo app and its new Recommended Pricing feature.


JustGo’s commitment to connecting the construction industry has led to a revolution in the way things are done. Construction companies and tipper truck drivers are able to work in tandem while knowing they won’t be short-changed or overly inconvenienced. Now, with Recommended Pricing, the app has been optimised for maximum convenience and usability. Bridge gaps and find the help you need at the right price. Contact our team today to learn all about it.

Contact our team today to learn all about it.