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The on-demand logistics platform connecting construction & landscape professionals for efficiency, sustainability, and shared success.


Introducing JustGo

JustGo provides on-demand logistics superpowers for the construction and landscape industry. No more struggling to find the right vehicles, juggling quotes, or chasing invoices. Our powerful app connects you with a diverse fleet of tipper trucks, lorry cranes, trailers, and more, instantly streamlining your logistics from booking to payment. JustGo empowers you to find the perfect tipper truck, lorry crane in Singapore, including a wide range of lorry rentals. Build more, waste less, and thrive together with a collaborative ecosystem.

Need a reliable tipper truck, lorry crane or trailer for your next project? JustGo’s got you covered! Our platform offers a comprehensive selection of lorry rentals in Singapore, including tipper trucks and trailers. dditionally, we connect you with a vast network of crane providers, ensuring you have access to the perfect lorry crane for any job. Stop wasting time searching for multiple vendors – JustGo is your one-stop shop for all your construction and landscape logistics needs, from lorry rentals and lorry cranes to trailers and lifting equipment.


Benefits of Being a JustGo Merchant

You can create a new job according to your specifications, offer job value according to your budget and many more.

Gain access to a diverse fleet of Tipper Trucks, Lorry Cranes, Trailers and TMA, ensuring you always have the right equipment for the job. JustGo offers a wide range of options to meet your transportation needs.
Streamline your booking process with JustGo's user-friendly platform.
Experience quick response times as drivers promptly accept jobs posted by merchants, ensuring efficient and seamless transactions.
With just a few clicks, you can easily reserve the Tipper Trucks, Lorry Cranes, Trailers, or TMA you need, saving time and effort.
Experience unparalleled support with JustGo's exceptional customer service team. Whether you have questions about your booking or need assistance with your account, our dedicated team is here to help.

Boost your work efficiency with JustGo's efficient booking system. Easily track your bookings, manage your fleet, and access important information all in one place. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time focusing on your business priorities.


Benefits of Being a JustGo Supplier

As a supplier, you can search, and accept jobs that are suitable for you within your current location and more!

Optimize the utilization of your assets with JustGo. Keep your equipment busy and maximize your earnings by connecting with businesses in need of your services.
Streamline your operations and enhance job efficiency with JustGo. Easily manage your bookings, track job progress, and ensure timely completion of tasks.
Say goodbye to paperwork with JustGo's paperless transactions. Digitize essential documents and streamline your administrative processes for a more efficient workflow.
Enjoy the convenience of immediate payment with JustGo. Get paid promptly upon job completion, eliminating the need to wait for invoices to be processed.


JustGo On Time, On Budget

At JustGo, we build tools for businesses in the construction industry to connect with one another, so we can thrive and achieve sustainability together.


Voices of Satisfaction

Explore what our valued clients have to say about their experiences with JustGo App.


Merchants & Suppliers signed up.


Jobs completed a year using JustGo App.

"I have been using JustGo for the past few months and I am very impressed with its efficiency and reliability. The app is easy to use and navigate and jobs posted by me are assigned quickly without any technical issues. I have also found the app to be very reliable, with minimal problems."

Ms. Annie /

“Overall, we highly recommend the JustGo app to anyone looking for reliable and effective tipper truck service. It has exceeded my expectations and has quickly become an essential part of our daily routine as it helped us to minimize our time spent searching for available tipper trucks and we are able to track our job status to see if the driver assigned to our job has started or completed our job.”

YP /

"The app helps me to save time when sourcing for tipper trucks. I no longer have to do it the traditional way. It gives me peace of mind knowing that when I post my job on the app, there will be drivers accepting my job. On top of that, I like how the JustGo team are responsive when I need help."

Ms Elaine /


Simplify your experience with our comprehensive FAQ section

Sign-up is easy, simply go to either the App store or Google App Store, download the JustGo Merchant app and follow the instructions in a step-by-step process to get started. Once you have been verified you can start topping up your E-wallet and post jobs in the JustGo Merchant app.
You can top-up your JustGo E-wallet via Bank Transfer or PayNow, only if you are using funds from a bank account with the following banks: Bank of China, Citibank, DBS/POSB, ICBC, HSBC, Maybank, OCBC, Standard Chartered Bank and UOB.
Begin by registering for a Merchant account and creating a Driver Manager and Driver Account. The Driver Manager can conveniently search for available jobs, accept requests from merchants, and efficiently delegate these tasks to their designated drivers. Upon successful completion and approval by the merchant, funds will be seamlessly credited to the company's JustGo E-wallet.
A merchant / owner is a user representing an entity that requires Heavy Vehicles logistics services, and/or provides Heavy Vehicles logistics services.

Hire vehicle by number of trips. You can indicate the number of trips you require for the job. You can also indicate the price/trip for the job. More than 1 driver can accept the job, the job will then be split into the different drivers.

Hire vehicles by the hour. You can indicate the number of drivers and number of hours that you require for the job. You can also indicate the price/hour for the job. The driver and the tipper truck will be at your disposal for the number of hours that you have indicated. Do provide a brief job description in the remarks section, so that the driver(s) can be more prepared.