Why Tipper Truck Providers Are Turning to Technology In 2022

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It seems like everybody in the construction industry has been making conscious decisions to embrace technology in the year 2022. And there are good reasons why. There’s been unanimous agreement among those who have integrated technology into their companies that it has given them leverage over their competitors. With the right digital tools at your disposal, the improvements you’ll be able to see are undeniable. Here’s how:

1. Raises Visibility

It is of the utmost importance that the tipper trucks dispatched are all within your metaphorical line of sight to prevent miscommunications and conflict. GPS (or the global positioning system) tracking shows you exactly where each of your tipper trucks is at any given point. This allows dispatchers to field potential issues as they arise.

Without technology, communication becomes a long-drawn-out process, and the slightest hindrance can cause significant scheduling issues. For example, very often, there will be a need to adjust driving routes on the go. As such, drivers need to be kept informed in real-time if obstacles like a change in order, adverse weather conditions, traffic or road construction are present.

Geofence is another example of an invaluable technological aid. It is a digital boundary that you can program to provide another layer of protection for construction companies. It tells you when drivers break speed limits or deviate from the route without permission, ultimately saving you money and time.

2. Decreases The Need For Manual Systems

Implementing a trucking logistics platform doesn’t just simplify scheduling and dispatching. Drivers trying to organise their paper tickets can rest easy knowing that digital (e-tickets) are much easier to manage. The increased security and efficacy of merely uploading tickets produce much more productive results.

The need for physical timesheets is also eliminated. The virtual replacement allows for more accuracy in noting the length of time between the drivers punching in and out. This increases the scope for transparency and gives you a more accurate idea of how much they should be compensated.

3. Avoid Unnecessary Risks With Automated Invoicing

Processing receipts and invoices don’t have to be a constant gamble. There is always some scope for human error when doing this manually. In this case, unfinished or missing invoices can cause avoidable disruptions. Additionally, valuable resources are spent tracking lost information.

It will be difficult to ask your clients for compensation with missing receipts. It is also possible to be charged twice – or more – for something if you aren’t able to produce proper invoices.

But what exactly are the technological tools should you then use to solve such issues? Virtual time cards and electronic cards in the JustGo app is exactly what you need. You can collect the information from these cards to create invoices and collate them for easy referencing. Best of all, these are automated. Without the risk of running late or missing a deadline, everyone involved gets their financial due punctually and without fail.


Technology has allowed businesses to thrive in recent years. It helps companies from every industry reduce the scope for mistakes and increases productivity. It is essential to save time and energy in the long run. JustGo helps you do just that. Online truck booking has never been easier or more convenient.

Notably, Just Go provides Lorry Crane and Trailer services, recognizing that certain projects demand more than standard transportation. Whether it’s precision lifting with a lorry crane or efficient material transport with a trailer, Just Go ensures that your construction materials are handled with utmost care and efficiency.

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