Renting a Tipper Truck: A Step-by-Step Guide for First-Timers

renting tipper truck

The construction and landscape industries rely heavily on tipper trucks, but navigating the rental process can feel overwhelming for newcomers. Fear not! This guide will transform your first tipper truck rental experience into a smooth and efficient journey.

JustGo: Your One-Stop Shop for Tipper Truck Rentals

JustGo understands the specific needs of the construction and landscape industry. We offer a user-friendly platform that simplifies tipper truck rentals, eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple providers and ensuring you get the right truck for the job.

Choosing the Perfect Tipper Truck:

Before diving into the app, take a moment to identify your project’s requirements. Consider:

  • Material type: Determine type of materials you need to transport. JustGo offers a diverse fleet, ensuring you find the ideal vehicle type to transport it.
  • Location: Renting locally saves time and money. JustGo connects you with trucks available in your desired location.

Downloading and Using the JustGo App: 

Head to your app store and download the JustGo app. Creating an account is simple, but you can also contact our friendly customer support team for assistance.

Booking Your Tipper Truck:

The JustGo app empowers you to manage your entire rental process with ease:

  1. Top-up your e-wallet: This serves as your payment method for booking tipper trucks.
  2. Select “Tipper Truck” as your vehicle type.
  3. Create a job posting: Choose the job type that best suits your needs:
  • OU Works: Ideal for long-term projects requiring ongoing tipper truck support.
  • Trip Works: Perfect for one-time transportation needs.
  • Day Works: Suitable for flexible, daily tipper truck rentals.

Specifying Your Requirements:

Once you’ve chosen the job type, clearly define your needs:

  • Indicate Date & Time
  • Material Type
  • Upload 3 photos of material
  • Select supervisor in charge
  • Indicate Location details
  • Indicate Price
  • Submit Job posting

Once you’ve posted your job, sit back and relax! Drivers will review your job details and accept the one that best suits their availability and expertise. You can communicate directly with the driver through the app to finalize any details.

Pro-Tips for First-Time Renters:

  • Clearly communicate loading and unloading details: Avoid any confusion by specifying any specific requirements.
  • Be prepared with necessary permits or documentation: Certain projects might require specific permits for transporting materials.

With JustGo, renting a tipper truck becomes a streamlined and stress-free experience. Download the app today and unlock a world of convenience and efficiency for your construction and landscape projects. Remember, our dedicated team is always available to answer your questions and guide you through the process. Let JustGo handle the logistics while you focus on building your vision!