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Browse through the categories, designed to address common queries and provide helpful information about JustGo. If you have a query that isn’t addressed here, feel free to WhastApp our support team for personalized assistance.

Merchant App

A merchant/owner is a user representing an entity that requires Heavy Vehicles logistics services, and/or provides Heavy Vehicles logistics services.

A supervisor is a user created under the Merchant/Owner account. Supervisors are similar to Merchants but have restricted access within the app. Supervisors can create jobs, edit and complete jobs, but are unable to access monetary transactions.

Sign-up is easy, simply go to either the App store or Google App Store, download the JustGo Merchant app and follow the instructions in a step-by-step process to get started. Once you have been verified you can start topping up your E-wallet and post jobs in the JustGo Merchant app.

JustGo is available to download for free on both Apple and Android Devices through the App Store & Google App store respectively.

  • Simply open the app and click on the ‘Owner’ tab. Enter your mobile number. A message will prompt saying ‘You’re not registered’.
  • Click on the ‘Register Now’ tab and fill up the details required.
  • Fill up Bank name, Account name and Number.
  • Click the ‘check’ box to agree with our terms of use & privacy policy and click continue.

Once you have been verified you can start topping up your E-wallet and post jobs in the JustGo Merchant app.

To facilitate withdrawals from your E-wallet account, JustGo requires you to provide details such as your bank name, account name, and account number.

If your E-wallet lacks sufficient funds, your job will be in draft status. You can retrieve and repost it after topping up your E-wallet. To prevent this, make sure to have enough funds by topping up your E-wallet before posting a job.

You can top-up your JustGo E-wallet via Bank Transfer or PayNow, only if you are using funds from a bank account with the following banks: Bank of China, Citibank, DBS/POSB, ICBC, HSBC, Maybank, OCBC, Standard Chartered Bank and UOB.

Hire vehicles by the hour. You can indicate the number of drivers and number of hours that you require for the job. You can also indicate the price/hour for the job. The driver and the tipper truck will be at your disposal for the number of hours that you have indicated. Do provide a brief job description in the remarks section, so that the driver(s) can be more prepared.

Hire vehicle by number of trips. You can indicate the number of trips you require for the job. You can also indicate the price/trip for the job. More than 1 driver can accept the job, the job will then be split into the different drivers.

Hire vehicle by number of trips for materials. You can indicate the number of trips, as well as the material required to be handled that is required for the job. You can also dictate the price/trip for the job. Please indicate whether you need to receive/dispose of material in job remarks.

We sincerely apologise, please do try again at perhaps a later time! Job-matching is subjected to the supply of tipper trucks in the area. We are constantly improving our service by acquiring more driver partners and we seek your understanding.

You can cancel your job offer at any time before any drivers accept your job. Simply tap on your Job details, tap on Cancel Job, and Yes, Cancel.

If a job offer has been accepted by drivers and you need to cancel it, please reach out to our support team for assistance.
Driver Supplier App

A driver/supplier refers to a company that possesses and offers services with Tipper Trucks, TMA, Lorry Crane, and Trailers, catering to the requirements of other companies seeking these specialized services.

The Driver Manager's account comes with additional functions, as they are in charge of selecting and overseeing jobs, subsequently assigning them to the respective drivers.

On the other hand, the Driver account allows users to view assigned jobs, start and complete them, and send requests for job completion only. They are not able to select and choose the jobs.

Begin by registering for a Merchant account and creating a Driver Manager and Driver Account.

The Driver Manager can conveniently search for available jobs, accept requests from merchants, and efficiently delegate these tasks to their designated drivers. Upon successful completion and approval by the merchant, funds will be seamlessly credited to the company's JustGo E-wallet.

JustGo charges between 5-10% platform fee from the fares our driver-partners receive. The platform fee will be reinvested into maintaining, developing and enhancing product features that will benefit our partner merchants, drivers, and our stakeholders.

After completing a job, the driver is required to submit a Job Complete request to the Merchant Supervisor for approval. Upon approval, the corresponding amount will be promptly credited to the Driver/Supplier E-wallet. You have the option to withdraw these funds directly to your company's bank account immediately.