Lorry Crane Vs Mobile Crane: What’s The Difference?

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In the intricate world of construction, landscaping, and transportation, the choice between a lorry crane and a mobile crane can significantly impact project efficiency. Let’s navigate the distinctions between these two crane types and shed light on why opting for a lorry crane in Singapore might be the perfect fit for your needs.

Understanding Lorry Cranes

Lorry Crane

Lorry cranes, also known as truck-mounted cranes, are a versatile solution for various lifting and loading tasks. Mounted on a truck, these cranes offer excellent mobility and quick setup. Their compact design makes them suitable for navigating construction sites with limited space, providing a valuable advantage in urban environments.

Key Features of Lorry Cranes:

Mobility: Lorry cranes are highly mobile, allowing them to reach diverse locations within a project site.
Versatility: They are adaptable for a range of lifting tasks, from construction materials to equipment.

Exploring Mobile Cranes

mobile crane

Mobile cranes, on the other hand, are standalone units with a mounted crane on a mobile platform. While they provide unparalleled lifting capacity and height, their mobility is somewhat limited compared to lorry cranes.

Key Features of Mobile Cranes:

Lifting Capacity: Mobile cranes excel in lifting heavy loads to significant heights.
Stability: Their wide bases contribute to stability during lifting operations.

Comparative Analysis: Lorry Crane vs. Mobile Crane

Mobility and Access:

Lorry Crane: Ideal for navigating tight spaces on construction sites.
Mobile Crane: Better suited for open areas with fewer obstacles.


Lorry Crane: Adaptable for various tasks, making them suitable for dynamic project needs.
Mobile Crane: Best for projects requiring heavy lifting at significant heights.

Cost Efficiency:

Lorry Crane: Generally more cost-effective for versatile, smaller-scale projects.
Mobile Crane: Preferred for large-scale projects with substantial lifting requirements.

JustGo’s Lorry Crane Services in Singapore
Considering these distinctions, businesses in Singapore can benefit significantly from opting for lorry cranes for their projects. JustGo, an on-demand logistics platform, simplifies access to reliable and efficient lorry crane services. Whether you’re in construction, landscaping, or transportation, JustGo offers a user-friendly platform to meet your specific needs.

Why Choose JustGo’s Lorry Crane Services?

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Versatility: Access a diverse fleet of well-maintained lorry cranes for various project requirements.

Educational Insights: Tips for Choosing the Right Crane

As you consider your options, here are some valuable tips for making an informed decision:

  • Project Size: Assess the scale of your project to determine the appropriate lifting capacity.
  • Location: Consider the terrain and space availability at your project site.
  • Specific Requirements: Evaluate the unique needs of your project to choose the crane that aligns with your goals.

Conclusion: Making Informed Decisions

In the debate of lorry crane vs. mobile crane, the right choice depends on your project’s specific requirements. For businesses in Singapore, the accessibility and versatility of lorry cranes offered by JustGo provide a compelling solution. Explore the efficiency and convenience of JustGo’s logistics platform for lorry crane services. Make an informed choice and elevate your construction, landscaping, or transportation projects. Connect with JustGo today for a seamless experience.

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