Unlock the Hidden Earning Potential of Your Idle Vehicles with Just Go

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In the bustling construction and landscape industry of Singapore, where heavy vehicles like trailers, lorry cranes, and tipper trucks are the backbone of operations, idle vehicles often represent a missed opportunity for generating additional income. At JustGo, we understand the underutilization of these valuable assets and have developed an innovative on-demand logistics platform that connects vehicle owners with those seeking transportation services, transforming idle vehicles into profit generators.

Maximize Asset Utility with JustGo

JustGo’s platform effectively matches vehicle owners with transportation needs, ensuring efficient resource utilization. By listing your trailer, lorry crane, or tipper truck on JustGo, you expose your idle vehicles to a vast network of potential clients, maximizing their utilization and earning potential. Whether it’s transporting construction materials, hauling heavy machinery, or providing crane services, JustGo connects you with the right jobs at the right time.

Seamless Registration and Job Acceptance

JustGo’s user-friendly platform makes listing and managing your vehicles a breeze. Simply sign up for a Merchant Account and a Driver Account, provide your vehicle details, and you’re ready to start receiving job requests. Our convenient job acceptance features allow you to easily assign jobs to your drivers, track their progress, and monitor their performance, all from a single dashboard.

Immediate Payment and Paperless Transactions

Say goodbye to the hassles of chasing payments and dealing with paperwork. JustGo’s streamlined payment system ensures you receive immediate compensation for completed jobs, eliminating the wait for credit terms. Additionally, our paperless transactions eliminate the burden of paperwork, saving you time and effort.

Benefits of Joining JustGo as a Supplier

Partnering with JustGo offers a multitude of benefits for heavy vehicle owners in Singapore:

  • Maximize asset utility and boost your income: Transform your idle trailers, lorry cranes, and tipper trucks into profit generators by connecting with a wider range of clients.
  • Reduce deadhead costs and optimize routes: Smart job allocation and efficient route planning minimize your deadhead miles, saving you fuel and time.
  • Get immediate payment and simplified invoicing: Receive timely compensation for completed jobs and enjoy a hassle-free invoicing process.
  • Streamline operations and enhance fleet management: Our user-friendly platform simplifies job management, driver tracking, and fleet performance monitoring.

Join JustGo and Unleash the Earning Potential of Your Vehicles

With JustGo, you can unlock the hidden earning potential of your idle vehicles and transform them into valuable assets that contribute to your business growth. Join our growing network of suppliers and experience the JustGo difference: efficient, profitable, and hassle-free.