Lorry Cranes: Which Is Right For Your Construction Project?

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Lorry Cranes: Which Is Right For Your Construction Project?

As lorry crane trucks continue to prove their usefulness in many industrial environments, so does their popularity grow in tandem. This is no surprise since lorry cranes offer an easy solution for many lifting jobs that would otherwise be inaccessible via traditional straight-arm cranes. Plus, they offer many benefits over bigger and more cumbersome lifting alternatives – if lorry crane drivers observe workplace safety. If your project requires lorry cranes and you are looking to engage a lorry crane rental provider to get the hardware you need, read on to discover which type of lorry crane is right for your needs.

1. Truck-mounted cranes

This lorry crane has a hydraulically operated crane mounted onto its rubber-wheeled chassis and comes with its own separate engine. Thus, truck-mounted cranes are primarily for moving from one place to another while carrying a load.

Truck-mounted types are a convenient lifting solution since they can traverse streets and highways and are highly flexible and efficient when handling and loading cargo. When operating on a job site while stationary, truck-mounted cranes can stabilise themselves since they come equipped with legs or outriggers that extend vertically or horizontally from the base of the truck. This prevents the vehicle from tipping over when moving loads. Even loads suspended at the front of the truck are relatively safe (provided there is little to no movement) since the weight of the boom and chassis counterbalance the load.

2. Knuckle boom cranes

Unlike the traditional stiff-boom lorry cranes, knuckle boom or articulating cranes can load and unload items from the vehicle. The crane itself can extend to a certain distance but also fold and reduce its size, giving it the advantage of having a lower profile and increased payload capacity, versatility, and control. This ability to fold the knuckle boom into the truck bed is particularly useful when navigating smaller spaces or narrow streets and saving space for storage when travelling. Also, since most articulating booms are made of lighter-weight materials, they also weigh less than regular stiff booms.

3. All-terrain cranes

All-terrain lorry cranes are more of a luxury mobile hydraulic solution due to their multi-functional capability of traversing all terrain. These heavy-frame vehicles are powered by one or two engines with all-wheel driving capability and come with an advanced suspension system that allows for smooth driving along highways and off-road terrain at a reasonable speed. Meanwhile, the crane consists of a telescopic boom and powerful hydraulic winches.

4. Rough terrain cranes

Rough terrain lorry cranes are specifically designed for rough and/or off-road applications and come with a single engine that powers both the undercarriage and the mounted, self-propelled boom. These lifting vehicles are the go-to choice for a wide range of industrial applications like carrying materials in chemical plants, everyday construction projects, and even bridge development. With their heavy-duty industrial tires, this lorry crane can pass through harsh and challenging terrain and transport considerable loads when in carry mode.


Lorry cranes provide a convenient mobile haulage solution and come in many different configurations, each suited for different roles. By learning about the various types of lorry cranes and their respective capabilities, you can choose those best suited for your construction projects.

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