Hiring Tipper Truck Services In Singapore: How JustGo Helps

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Hiring Tipper Truck Services In Singapore: How JustGo Helps

Construction projects are massive undertakings that require heavy machinery to do any substantial lifting. Equipment like tipper trucks is instrumental in transporting dirt, lifting heavy objects, and clearing up space at a construction site.

It’s safe to say that tipper trucks are invaluable to any construction site. Hence, people in charge of these projects must be able to hire them whenever necessary. That’s where JustGo comes in.

What Is JustGo?

If you require tipper truck services or are looking to hire a tipper truck and driver in Singapore, JustGo is the ground-breaking app you’ve been needing. It is a fool-proof online truck booking platform that allows construction companies to create tipper truck job postings for drivers who can fulfil their specific needs – within the parameters of your budget.

How It Works

  • Post Job

JustGo effectively connects the entire construction industry by linking construction companies to drivers who can provide their services. When creating a job posting, you just have to include vital details like your budget and task type, i.e., day work, OU work, or trip work. It is then up to the drivers to decide whether to take you up on your offer.

  • Create Your Supervisors

The app facilitates the creation of users for supervisors, who then create the jobs and engage with the drivers to ensure jobs are performed adequately and within the set boundaries.

  • Work Efficiency

JustGo enables unparalleled work efficiency within the construction industry. You can track and export the job history and transaction data to ease and even bypass admin and paperwork. It also ensures that crucial information doesn’t get lost and allows for unprecedented transparency.

New Features

  • Recommended Pricing

For those who are still determining what the expected pricing should be for each job posted, Recommended Pricing is a function that calculates fair pricing suggestions based on the input information. You will then be able to choose whether you’d like to apply the recommended price or manually insert a different number. The suggested pricing will be financially prudent and fair to all parties involved, making it more likely for your job posting to be accepted. Additionally, you can be sure that your company will not be overcharged for their required services or unrealistically charged for sub-par services.

  • Driver Manager

Driver Manager is a feature that was designed for convenience. Through it, tipper truck drivers and companies can immediately accept and assign drivers to jobs. You can swap out the drivers before the job starts as per your needs and requirements. This feature even allows managers to keep track of a driver’s schedule and productivity level.

  • Material Marketplace

The newest feature JustGo is introducing allows you to locate individuals who have materials in excess if you’re facing a shortage of them. JustGo also reduces waste in the construction industry by enabling connections. With Material Marketplace, you can rest easy knowing that the materials you need will be delivered to you from reputable suppliers on time and within your budget.


The JustGo app is a must-have in the construction industry because of the ease at which it connects people who require tipper truck services and those who provide them. Hiring tipper trucks and tipper truck drivers have never been more efficient or convenient than with the introduction of JustGo – and all within the palm of your hand.

Moreover, JustGo doesn’t stop at tipper truck services; it offers a comprehensive range of logistics solutions, including lorry crane and trailer services. This means that whether you require the lifting power of a lorry crane or the versatile capacity of a trailer, JustGo has you covered. The platform’s commitment to simplifying logistics extends beyond just tipper trucks, making it your go-to solution for various construction needs. With the JustGo app, you can seamlessly access these additional services to cater to your specific requirements, ensuring you have all the tools you need to manage your construction project with ease. Discover the full spectrum of services on the JustGo app and experience a streamlined construction experience like never before.

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