Common Trailer Maintenance Issues And How to Prevent Them

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Picture this – a trailer stranded on a bustling highway, causing chaos and stress. Trailer breakdowns are a nightmare. Today, we embark on a journey to conquer such road woes through effective trailer maintenance. And our companion for this adventure? JustGo – your key to hassle-free trailer rentals in Singapore.

Importance of Trailer Maintenance:

Safety First: Well-maintained trailers ensure safety for drivers, passengers, and fellow road users.
Downtime and Cost Savings: Regular maintenance prevents minor issues from escalating into costly breakdowns, saving both time and money.
Extended Lifespan: Proper care not only keeps your trailer in top shape but also enhances its resale value.

Common Trailer Maintenance Issues:

  • Low Bed Trailers:
    Brake malfunction
    Tire wear
    Hydraulic leaks
    Deck damage
  • Trailer Trucks:
    Lights and mirrors
    Coupling devices
    Suspension wear
  • Flatbed Trailers:
    Cargo securement issues
    Tie-down points
    Floor integrity
  • High-Bed 40ft Trailers:
    Wind resistance
    Axle alignment
    Tire pressure

Preventative Maintenance Tips:

  1. Visual Inspections: Before every trip, check tires, brakes, lights, and cargo securement points.
  2. Lubrication Schedule: Grease axles, bearings, and moving parts on a regular schedule.
  3. Tire Maintenance: Maintain proper air pressure and regularly check for tread wear.
  4. Seasonal Maintenance: Prepare for varying weather conditions by checking fluids and battery health.

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Maintaining your trailer isn’t just a responsibility; it’s the key to a smooth and successful journey on the road. As you embark on your next adventure, remember the significance of preventative measures. Consider the convenience of JustGo for all your trailer needs – download the app or visit the website today. Let’s conquer the road together.