How To Get The Most Out Of JustGo’s Tipper Truck Services App

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How To Get The Most Out Of JustGo's Tipper Truck Services App

Connecting the construction sector all in one place is what we do here at JustGo Enterprise. With the aim to thrive and achieve sustainability together, we build tools for companies in the industry to easily connect with each other, and this is all made possible by our on-demand logistics platform – the JustGo app. Through the app, we help users that need tipper truck services reach those that can provide them and vice versa, all in a quick and convenient process.

Read on below as we go into more detail about the 2 sides of the JustGo app and the benefits it brings.

JustGo for Merchants

The JustGo version for merchants allows construction companies and other businesses that require tipper truck services to create job bookings on the app and connect with drivers at the touch of a button. The whole process is as follows:

Posting a job

Posting a job

The first step to hiring a tipper truck driver in Singapore is to create a new job listing based on your specifications, job value, and budget. In order to get the most out of the app, be sure to include full details of the particular job, such as the task type – whether it is dayworks, tripworks, or OU works, as well as all the relevant addresses to know about when filling out the request. Additionally, it would be best to verify other key information such as pass requirements and the number of trips involved before submitting. Lastly, you should ideally take into account the GST when setting your price forecast.

Assigning supervisors

Assigning supervisors

Through the JustGo Merchant app, businesses can create supervisor users with varying capabilities depending on their status or tier. Supervisors are similar to Merchants, except they have less access within the app.

Achieve greater work efficiency

Achieve greater work efficiency

The JustGo app includes a slew of features that helps simplify and cut down the administrative tasks and paperwork for businesses. One such feature is the inclusion of job history and transaction data sections that can be easily tracked and exported for use in the company’s accounting and other departments.

JustGo for Drivers

Are you a Singapore-based construction firm with tipper trucks or a tipper truck provider? The JustGo version for drivers allows providers to empower themselves with the flexibility to earn by providing their tipper truck services to businesses that require them. You may do the following using the driver app:

Maximise asset utility

With the JustGo Driver app, construction companies that mainly provide logistical services, including tipper trucks, can more easily find clients in need of their services and take on various jobs. Furthermore, tipper truck providers that wish to maximise their truck usage and mobilise idle drivers can take outside jobs via JustGo, leading to more income.


Searching for the perfect job

Searching for the perfect job

Using the JustGo Driver app, searching for tipper truck driver jobs is as easy as can be. Tipper truck providers and drivers can filter their job search based on variables such as job type, materials, and location. By planning ahead, maximising income becomes a lot simpler and more convenient.

Eliminating paperwork

Like the merchant app, tipper truck providers and companies also benefit from the same digitalisation features that provide a nifty way to run their business smoothly and more efficiently to keep up with the current times and remain competitive. Since all invoices will be sent via electronic means, be assured that you get to skip the hassle of signing numerous documents!

Download JustGo’s truck services app today

Download JustGo’s truck services app today to seamlessly access a range of offerings, including our specialized Lorry Crane and Trailer services. JustGo’s tipper truck service can be accessed through our app, which you can easily download to your mobile device. With a simple set-up procedure and user-friendly interface, you can utilise our app on the go. Whether you are a company searching for truck services or a driver and provider seeking to stay productive with additional jobs, the JustGo app is available for download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Contact us today to kickstart your tipper truck journey!