An In-Depth Look Into The History Of Tipper Trucks

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An In-Depth Look Into The History Of Tipper Trucks

Where would we be today as a society without the aid of the tipper truck? Its initial design can be traced back to the time before motor vehicles and has had an inextricable impact on the construction industry. Tipper trucks have existed for a long while, but with the advent of modern technology, they’ve been able to adeptly keep up with the fast-changing needs of the business. Globally, there are dozens of manufacturers working to provide the best tipper trucks for an ever-evolving industry. Here is how it all began:

Tipper Truck Origins

In the late 1800s, Thornycroft, a British vehicle manufacturer, is widely believed to have first conceptualised the tipper truck. The idea then was to create a cart that dumped its own contents. Later, the manufacturer began selling carts that removed themselves from the hitch and “tipped” back enough to dispel themselves. With the invention of motorised vehicles, companies started to include a pulley that had to be operated by cranking a rope. When activated, it would then dump its load. By the 1910s, technology had advanced enough that American manufacturers could also automate the tipping.

World War 1

As it was referred to in those days, the Great War played a significant role in the tipper truck’s importance today. It created a massive demand for giant vehicles that would easily carry heavy loads and tip them over elsewhere. By this time, hydraulics were generally used in tipper trucks, which sped up the process quite a bit.

Growth and Diversification

Post the war, the demand for these vehicles did not diminish in the slightest. People were beginning to see how helpful tipper trucks were. Companies began experimenting with sizes. Some made tipper trucks with smaller bodies, while others created heavy-duty bodies. They only needed additional suspension and a heavy-duty drivetrain to achieve this. The large trailers once used for war now proved useful for road construction and mining.


More Changes

The sizes were not only adjusted by different tipper truck manufacturers. By the year 1920, lift gates and winches were also hydraulic.

Over the next century, these trucks evolved at incredible rates. We now have a Superdump truck with a load-bearing axle you can carry, ensuring even heavier loads. In a similar vein, transfer tipper trucks can pull one more dump trailer with its personal motor.

Another change made was the adjustment of the rear-dump feature on tipper trucks. This made them more practical in other conditions. For instance, many dump trailers are made to tip their contents over through a dump gate located below the trailer. Side tipper trucks can empty themselves to the left or right side of the trailer. Similarly, roll-off tipper trucks remove the dump bed from the truck’s frame rather than just its load. In addition, some manufacturers have affixed plow blades to tipper trucks, covering them with ice-melting chemicals for regions that experience snowy winters. These trucks are efficient for those who need work to be done despite icy roads and harsh weather.


Tipper trucks have had a long and illustrious history since their conception. They’ve undergone massive upgrades and changes to get to the sleek, invaluable vehicle it is today. In fact, the one thing that hasn’t changed over its centuries-old existence is its contribution to the construction industry as we know it today. JustGo has gone a step further to make sure companies can receive the tipper truck services they need by creating our ground-breaking new app that connects the entire industry with the touch of a button. Contact us today to learn more.

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